Character: Baden Hallstad

Baden was raised in Trentsmund, pretending to be human. For nearly 90 years his mother taught him about his people who lived far up in a hidden city in the sky. The day she attempted to bring him to their ancestral jhareth home, they were attacked. Hunters of the Eitharmos appeared and tried to get access to the hidden city as they passed through the veil. In the struggle, Ingaelin's mother was killed and he fled for his life, eventually getting passage on a ship to Jessik across the Black Ocean.

In the 10 years since, Baden has acquired training as a doctor from a prestigious colonial university. He secretly worships Iala, his people's goddess of light and life, and is now a devout Lansarus trained to heal others by channeling divine spirits. He bears the sword, armor, and shield of his ancestors, as well as a black market pistol in case the Eitharmos ever come back for him.