New Race: Jhareth

Before Daemoth created the daemons, Jharus' own progeny settled southern Vinramar. Once a proud civilization, the jharethil now struggle just to stay alive. They’re hunted mercilessly by the Eitharmos, a secret sect of militant Daemothites, who keep the common folk living in fear of the winged heretics.

The truth is that the jharethil were once the protectors of Vinramar, a symbol of honor and justice. When their final empire fell, Jharus took its cities into the heavens and sealed their gates against the unworthy. These hidden metropolises still hover in invisible space above the tainted world.

As celestial heirs of Jharus, the jharethil do not grow old with the passing years. They can be killed or become ill, but rarely die of natural causes. Death and the conscious taking of life are terrifying occurrences to them.

Like the daemons, jharethil can cloak their elder form, making them appear human. When viewed in all their true glory, they have feathered wings and a striking presence that can inspire either courage or fear.


Throughout the world there are many organizations that defame, abuse, and hunt the jharethil. Those who could reach out to help them often remain silent for fear of being persecuted themselves. A jhareth quickly learns that only the closest of companions can be trusted with such a delicate secret. Those who impetuously confide in others may find themselves at the end of a rope before dawn. These are new times, when subtlety and cunning are a better defense than courage.

In the face of such persecution, individual jharethil react differently. Some become reclusive or lose their commitment to their people's moral code, others are motivated to change the world for the better. Feeling a need to care for those who hate or despise them is one of the great inner struggles of their people. Whatever they do, they must do it in secret if they want to live long.

It’s common for young jharethil to be unused to opposing philosophies or religions. They may be offended or confused by the atheistic practices of the outside world. Despite the value they place on patience, many will respond to betrayal of trust with sudden and unexpected anger.

Most jharethil do what they can to further the cause of their father Jharus, but some become embittered toward religion when thrust into the rigors of mortal life. They might look into other faiths, especially the more neutral primordial gods, but often the result is that they abandon religion for what they see as a more pragmatic way to survive.

But even these know that much of their power comes as a divine boon. It is difficult to give up spirituality as a jhareth, even if organized religion is set aside. They know their lineage, which is often enough to ensure they at least hold a distant respect for the gods. In most cases, jharethil are devout thinkers and eager to please whichever god they choose to obey.


Jharethil look very much like humans, especially when not in elder form. In general, they’re tall and broad, but this is by no means universal. They have golden brown or dark hair, and skin that's bronze or earthy brown. Their features are hard and defined, like cut stone.

When in their secret cities, or among trusted friends, jharethil may enter the elder form, which makes their skin and eyes shine with a golden light. With meditation, they can learn to manifest broad, feathered wings (often the color of their hair) while in elder form. Enemies confronted by a jhareth in elder form are likely to flee, unless they’re followers of Daemoth, in which case they might redouble the attack in a religious fervor.


Jharethil are often patient and quiet. They believe that silence is the most respectable way to endure hardship, and they do it well. Although they may appear distant at first, jharethil are often intensely aware of the needs of others, and can be very nurturing, especially to those they consider weak or less capable. Overt competition is considered offensive in jhareth culture.

When the world was young, the jharethil were set over Vinramar as protectors. This sense of duty and self-sacrifice is deeply ingrained in their society. Even those who are raised outside the hidden cities are taught that true heroism doesn’t look for a reward.

Those jharethil that live in the Fallen World, as they call it, often do so to learn the value of peace through hardship. They may work as laborers, gain training in worldly skills, or seek ways to alleviate the downtrodden. Others are cast out of the secret cities for disobedience. There are also those raised outside the secret cities. These jharethil might be reared with a wildly different outlook, causing them to resent or doubt their divine birthright.


Only the Secretsworn can perceive the presence of a jhareth secret city. The mystical bridges that enter them are located in the highest mountains or the most secluded canyons. Their inhabitants are under oath never to reveal the location, lest the Eitharmos discover their home and attack with greater force than can be withstood.

The creation and replenishment of life is of the highest importance to the jharethil, and most have many, many children. Because the jhareth women continue to bear as long as they live, it's known for some to rear hundreds over one immortal lifetime.

According to tradition, before a jhareth child turns 100, he or she will traditionally leave the shelter of the hidden city and experience the woe of the outside world. This fall from grace is a rite of passage, called a marachel, or “journey of heartbreak.” Sometimes the journey includes a vow of silence.

Though the experience is often bitter and dangerous, jharethil take the marachel very seriously. It’s through this journey that each jhareth learns to appreciate peace by experiencing what horrors exist in the world outside. The sojourn is intended to last 20 years, a mere moment to the immortals. Often, however, the woes of life prolong it, and some never return. Those who remain permanently in the Fallen World, whether for love, learning, adventure, or because of corrupting influences, are known as Outliers. They adapt to mortal life rather than return home.


Whether jharethil are on marachel or were raised as an Outlier, they are likely to be in constant danger. The hunters of the Eitharmos, the Eithalim, are on constant search for the blood of heretics. Jharethil often resort to martial training or divine favor as a means of self-defense. However they survive, their greatest shield is obscurity.


Names in jhareth culture don’t carry much significance. A jhareth might use four or five different names, depending on the occasion or his or her stage of life. Titles and names seem to blend together for them. Family names are rare for them.

Male Names: Alchin, Amanias, Fastus, Gaeloch, Girthonnach, Icholloth, Ichorthor, Ingaelin, Jastron, Lenrodel, Rothengal, Ulthoroch, Wainrussor

Female Names: Anzora, Avrolcha, Belzana, Charozia, Elyndridan, Ezrachi, Forlaza, Ingria, Mozralchi, Mordolchi, Niravari, Onaya, Remozra, Sunbala, Uola


You have the following abilities derived from your celestial heritage.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2.

Age. The jharethil mature very slowly. There are three periods of physical development (at the approximate ages of 10, 50, and 90). They reach full maturity around age 100, and rarely die of old age. Despite their long lives and many children, the jharethil are a dwindling race, hunted at great cost by the Eitharmos.

Alignment. While many jharethil were raised to believe in Jharus and his values of courage, reverence, and moderation, many adopt new philosophies as their understanding of the world grows, and moral complexities begin to disillusion them. The majority, however, are good-natured and law-abiding when they can afford to be.

Size. Medium.

Speed. 30 feet.

Immortal Lineage. You are considered immortal, a celestial, and a shapechanger.

Elder Form. You can use an action to enter the elder form or return to your polymorphed human form. While in elder form, you have advantage on Charisma checks, and your body sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet. When fiends or undead enter the light of your elder form, they must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or become vulnerable to radiant damage while they remain in it. The save DC is 10 + your Wisdom modifier. A creature that succeeds on the saving throw is immune to this effect for 24 hours.

Those who see you in elder form can identify you as a jhareth with an Intelligence (Religion) or Intelligence (History) check of DC 10. Jharethil and characters with proficiency in History or Religion pass this check automatically. If you become unconscious while in elder form, you remain in elder form until you can spend an action to return to human form.

Beginning at 5th level, while in elder form you can spend 1 minute in meditation to sprout feathered wings, or reverse the change. While your wings are manifested, you have a fly speed of 30 feet. You can't manifest your wings if you're wearing armor unless the armor is made to accommodate them.

Stone Will. You have proficiency with Wisdom saving throws.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write the Hallowed Tongue and one extra language of your choice. The Hallowed Tongue is native to the world of Salvendum, and has a lofty, imperious intonation. It is a language as old as creation.

Subrace. Your upbringing may have been in or outside of the hidden cities of your people. Choose whether you are an Outlier or one of the Secretsworn.


Outliers are jhareth exiles that grew up outside the majesty of the secret cities. These poor souls have fared the dangerous mortal world for a long time, perhaps making some trusted friends along the way.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.

Friend to the Friendless. You have advantage when making Wisdom (Persuade) checks.


Used to the peace and slow decline of the jharethil’s fabled cities, the Secretsworn are the more sheltered of the jharethil, but also the best trained in the ways of their people.

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 1.

Jhareth Weapon Training. You have proficiency with the greatsword and longsword.