New Environmental Artwork

The book is quickly filling up with gorgeous art thanks to talents of Andreas Rocha and Chris Cold. These illustrations are for Chapter Two: Vinramar, depicting the world regions of Arrochule and Motta.

Keep an eye out for more artwork previews as things progress, and as always thank you for supporting Darkplane.

An-Thonn Gate  by Andreas Rocha

An-Thonn Gate by Andreas Rocha

Arochos  by Chris Cold

Arochos by Chris Cold

The Campaign is Over!

We had an extraordinary ride funding the publication of Darkplane: A Campaign Setting. Thanks to all of our esteemed backers who brought the project to life. Here are a few highlights.

  • We funded in less than 24 hours
  • We knocked out the first three stretch goals over the next two days
  • We became a Kickstarter staff pick very early on
  • We continued to pass stretch goal after stretch goal, unveiling all sorts of add-ons, extra rewards, and new content on this site
  • Our biggest days for funding were March 17 ($5,235), March 18 ($3,005), March 19 ($1,542), April 10 ($1,295), April 13 ($2,467), and April 14 ($6,960)
  • We added 118 new backers on the last day alone (almost double what we added on Day 1)
  • Final count puts us at 502 backers pledging $32,921
  • We unlocked the following stretch goals:
  1. +25 pages of monsters, spells, items, and lore
  2. The book became 8.5 x 11"
  3. The book became hardcover
  4. +25 pages of maps, factions, characters, and deities
  5. We doubled the number of interior illustrations
  6. The Vinramar Gazetteer, a 90-page PDF of maps
  7. "The Desolation of Wellusk," an extended adventure PDF for levels 1-10
  8. The Boxed Sets all received an additional poster map depicting the city of Terratorumme, which will feature prominently in the campaign setting book
  9. A PDF of 100 pre-generated player characters
  10. The Boxed Sets all received a transparency grid to measure map distances in scale
  11. "Black Vitollos," an adventure PDF for levels 10-15

I can't say enough how elated I am to have found such an enthusiastic and supportive group of collaborators. Thanks for backing the project, and thanks for believing in my baby.

Promotional Posters

Here are a couple posters I'll be putting up around Denver. If you're as excited as I am, click on them to save them, print them, and put them up at your FLGS.

Remember to cut on the dotted lines so the gamers can tear off a tag.

Artwork on both of these is by Chris Cold.

Changing by Benita Winckler

Here's another piece of promotional artwork. This one is by Benita Winckler and it's called "Changing."

Benita is a freelance concept artist and matte painter (Feature Film: After Earth, StarTrek Into Darkness; Commercial: BMW, Merecedes, SkyTV, etc.). She also writes books on "Digital Painting" and has a new blog, where she shares tips about the business side of being an artist. Visit her website at