New Environmental Artwork

The book is quickly filling up with gorgeous art thanks to talents of Andreas Rocha and Chris Cold. These illustrations are for Chapter Two: Vinramar, depicting the world regions of Arrochule and Motta.

Keep an eye out for more artwork previews as things progress, and as always thank you for supporting Darkplane.

An-Thonn Gate  by Andreas Rocha

An-Thonn Gate by Andreas Rocha

Arochos  by Chris Cold

Arochos by Chris Cold

Promotional Posters

Here are a couple posters I'll be putting up around Denver. If you're as excited as I am, click on them to save them, print them, and put them up at your FLGS.

Remember to cut on the dotted lines so the gamers can tear off a tag.

Artwork on both of these is by Chris Cold.