The Campaign is Over!

We had an extraordinary ride funding the publication of Darkplane: A Campaign Setting. Thanks to all of our esteemed backers who brought the project to life. Here are a few highlights.

  • We funded in less than 24 hours
  • We knocked out the first three stretch goals over the next two days
  • We became a Kickstarter staff pick very early on
  • We continued to pass stretch goal after stretch goal, unveiling all sorts of add-ons, extra rewards, and new content on this site
  • Our biggest days for funding were March 17 ($5,235), March 18 ($3,005), March 19 ($1,542), April 10 ($1,295), April 13 ($2,467), and April 14 ($6,960)
  • We added 118 new backers on the last day alone (almost double what we added on Day 1)
  • Final count puts us at 502 backers pledging $32,921
  • We unlocked the following stretch goals:
  1. +25 pages of monsters, spells, items, and lore
  2. The book became 8.5 x 11"
  3. The book became hardcover
  4. +25 pages of maps, factions, characters, and deities
  5. We doubled the number of interior illustrations
  6. The Vinramar Gazetteer, a 90-page PDF of maps
  7. "The Desolation of Wellusk," an extended adventure PDF for levels 1-10
  8. The Boxed Sets all received an additional poster map depicting the city of Terratorumme, which will feature prominently in the campaign setting book
  9. A PDF of 100 pre-generated player characters
  10. The Boxed Sets all received a transparency grid to measure map distances in scale
  11. "Black Vitollos," an adventure PDF for levels 10-15

I can't say enough how elated I am to have found such an enthusiastic and supportive group of collaborators. Thanks for backing the project, and thanks for believing in my baby.