Magic Item: Armor of Elmazer

Persian Myth  by  F  araz Shanyar

Persian Myth by Faraz Shanyar

Armor of Elmazer

Armor (breastplate, half-plate, plate), uncommon (breastplate), rare (half-plate), very rare (plate)

This gilded armor is made of an unknown alloy that feels light, almost as if it pulls upward on the wearer instead of weighing down. It doesn't impose disadvantage on Stealth checks, and it weighs half of what other armors of the same type weigh.

While wearing Armor of Elmazer, every time you perform or receive magical healing, the recipient heals an additional 1d4 hit points. While the sun is up, you can use an action to cast guidance on yourself. While the sun is down, you can use an action to cast light.