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Magic Item: Armor of Elmazer

Persian Myth  by  F  araz Shanyar

Persian Myth by Faraz Shanyar

Armor of Elmazer

Armor (breastplate, half-plate, plate), uncommon (breastplate), rare (half-plate), very rare (plate)

This gilded armor is made of an unknown alloy that feels light, almost as if it pulls upward on the wearer instead of weighing down. It doesn't impose disadvantage on Stealth checks, and it weighs half of what other armors of the same type weigh.

While wearing Armor of Elmazer, every time you perform or receive magical healing, the recipient heals an additional 1d4 hit points. While the sun is up, you can use an action to cast guidance on yourself. While the sun is down, you can use an action to cast light.

Magic Item: Marbles of Shioularoum

The Palantir  by  Kokosz

The Palantir by Kokosz

Marbles of Shioularoum

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

These five marbles are about 1 inch in diameter, with swirling black and red patterns that are always moving. When rolled on a surface, they don't follow a normal gravitational pull, but instead roll toward magical auras, and most strongly toward auras caused by necromancy, rune magic, blood magic, or shadowmancy. Each of them can also be used as an arcane focus.

When you cast a necromancy or abjuration spell through one of the marbles, it crumbles to dust, and the spell casts as though you had cast it one level higher (as long as you can cast spells of that level). When you use this ability, all of the marbles whistle like a tea kettle. One of the destroyed marbles reappears beside an intact one every night at midnight, unless a creature is looking at all of them. If all of the marbles have been destroyed before midnight, none of them reappear.

Magic Item: Fencer's Greatsword

No Fear  by  Eve Ventrue

No Fear by Eve Ventrue

Fencer's Greatsword

Greatsword, uncommon

This sword is long and narrow, nearly six feet, but feels light and agile when held. In addition to all the attributes of a greatsword, it is a finesse weapon.

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this sword. When you damage a creature with it, you can use a bonus action to push it 10 feet.

Magic Item: Deathcaller's Headdress

Heaven Slain  by  Lauren K Cannon

Heaven Slain by Lauren K Cannon

Deathcaller's Headdress

Holy symbol, very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster loyal to Baturach)

This simple headdress is fashioned with a leather cap, feathers, and animal bones, but the central piece, positioned at the brow, is a jawless human skull. The skull is bleached and painted in the wearer's blood with intricate primordial symbols. When touched by moonlight, the skull appears to have eyes that watch the people within sight. At the fall equinox, the skull blazes with heatless white fire from sunrise to sunrise.

The headdress is considered a holy symbol of Baturach. When you cast light through this holy symbol, you can choose whether the light is visible to you alone, or to others as well. When you cast animate dead through this holy symbol, the undead you raise glow with eerie white light and have resistance to radiant damage.

While wearing the headdress, you can continually converse with the person whose skull it bears as though you had cast speak with dead.

Magic Item: Fiend's Trifle

Fiend's Trifle

Wand, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This wand is made from the elongated finger bone of a celestial being, stained in a devil's ichor and etched with terrifying runes. Fiend's Trifles are so named because they're a favorite gift among devils and demons. Those that are patrons to a mortal warlock will sometimes use a Fiend's Trifle as a reward for particularly good service.

Near the tip of the wand is a carved representation of an archfiend with up to six horns. Every time a spell is cast with the Fiend's Trifle, one of the horns disappears and a charge is expended. When a character receives or discovers the wand it has 1d4+2 charges, and the number of horns on the archfiend's head always corresponds to the number of charges left. At three hours after every midnight, the wand regains 1d4 charges, to a maximum of 6.

Spells cast through the Fiend's Trifle are heat-seeking if they deal fire damage. You have advantage on attack rolls with such spells, and when creatures make a saving throw against them, they have disadvantage. If a target has half cover, you can ignore the +2 bonus to its AC and Dexterity saving throws.

When you hit a Celestial creature with an attack spell cast with the Fiend's Trifle, it must make a Charisma saving throw or be frightened until the beginning of your next turn.