Spotlight: War between Brothers

In the eons after the Creation, Jharus and his children settled in Anarthos and the surrounding mountains. When word reached him that Daemoth held two of the Irvallath captive to bear him children, Jharus traveled to Maromutalcoth and entreated his brother to leave the primordial offspring and live in Anarthos. Daemoth smiled sweetly and ascended his towerbut instead of proclaiming exodus, he called his brood to war.

From the lowest gates of Maromutalcoth, thousands of unspeakable things issued forth and engulfed Jharus while Daemoth and his eldest children fled with the captive Rinshari and Atiakha into the North. Jharus alone slew the vile army and returned to Anarthos, enraged by his brother’s rebellion.

It wasn’t long before Atiakha's demon-spawn were seen in the South and East, where Daemoth sent them wandering in a hungry rage. As they fell on the fey settlements and burrowed into the feet of the mountains around Anarthos, Jharus began a great work of armament among the jharethil, forging swords and lances for the hunting of Daemoth’s brood.

With each passing year the assailing creatures grew more hideous. The fey children took the brunt of the assault, having no protection from the North. Many of them crossed the Sea of Ivorlost to the land now called Telgard for escape. In time the demon-children of Daemoth learned to fare the waters, either by nature or by craft, and besieged the entire South.

When the raids became unbearable, Jharus and Loragg mounted a great legion of their children to put an end to his blasphemous craft. Jharus’ host drove the demons back to Maromutalcoth, where he and Loragg found Daemoth’s high seat empty. The sky above went dark, the light of Salvendum extinguished. A rain of immortal blood fell across the worlds, and Jharus knew that Sowm had been slain.

At Maromutalcoth, Jharus and Loragg waited the return of the godslayer. The colossal stone of Salvendum, its heart and core that was now without light, descended toward Vinramar. Above it hovered Daemoth, engorged from feasting on the body of Sowm herself. His flesh had grown bulbous and putrid. Jharus and Loragg fought Daemoth with all the might of their deity, and at last forced his very soul into the stone of Salvendum as a prison. Jharus and Loragg rolled the stone into the far abyss of the Darkplane, where Daemoth would lie imprisoned for time unmeasured.

— From The Stonewar: An Assembled History by Bram Genning