Update on the Psychic

You can find a printer-friendly .pdf copy of the psychic class here. I hope you enjoy playing around with it as much as I have. Feel free to leave some feedback as you look it over and implement it in your game.

The following is a new version of the psychic class, adjusted based on playtesting and feedback from the Darkplane backers.

My goal with these changes is to beef up the class's core abilities (especially psychic attacks and spellcasting) and make the disciplines more balanced and flexible. The largest change has been to the Contact feature, which now is a way to detect sentient creatures, and no longer requires the caster to make contact before targeting a creature with a spell. That means the spellcasting is much less bogged down.

I've also increased the number of psychic devotions a character gets, and freed them up so that they're all available to every character. The highest tier (50-point) of each devotion, however, is reserved for psychics of the corresponding discipline.