duct tape

Duct Tape DM Screen

I wanted to show off my new homemade DM screen, which I've used for a few months now. It's made from cardboard, duct tape, and printer paper.


Here's the brief version:

1) I plotted out the tables I wanted to use in InDesign

2) I cut out four pieces of non-corrugated cardboard at about 8.5 x 11.

3) I printed out the art and charts, then cut them to fit just within the edges of the cardboard.

4) I taped the edges up so that it folds like an accordian. This step took at least 2 hours.

I'm really happy with the finished result. The art's evocative and the charts actually help me at the table. Hope you enjoyed this! If you make one yourself or use the charts, let me know how you like it.

You can download a pdf of all the charts in the correct page order here, or get them separately.

Travel panel

Adventure panel

Combat panel

Treasure panel