Background: Lawyer


You have studied law, qualifying you for legal services in a particular jurisdiction. This understanding has sharpened your verbal skills and taught you how to use narratives to influence people. Language is one of your greatest tools. Your career in law might garner you respect or derision, depending on your history and prevailing cultural attitudes toward lawyers.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Persuasion
Languages: Two of your choice.
Equipment: A book of legal theory and case histories, a pen and bottle of black ink, 3 sheets of paper, fine barrister’s robes, a letter desperately pleading for legal help, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp

Feature: Legal Training

With your DM, choose a nation or legal system in which you have jurisdiction. You are familiar enough with the law and courtroom procedures of that area to litigate, draw binding contracts, or competently plead a case before a judge or magistrate. With sufficient skills checks, you can also forge legal documents. In your downtime, you might earning a living as a barrister, judge, proctor, or solicitor.

  d4  Law Specialty

  1. Barrister. An orator and law expert, you plead cases before a judge on behalf of others.
  2. Judge. You hold court and decide the outcome of legal proceedings as a judiciary authority.
  3. Proctor. Your authority is over church law within a specific religious organization.
  4. Solicitor. You represent the legal interests of others outside of the courtroom, handling contracts and giving legal advice.

Suggested Characteristics

Lawyers come from many backgrounds and personality types. You might be a purehearted advocate for the downtrodden, a corrupt official advancing a personal agenda, or just an amoral sleazebag looking for a break. What these all have in common is the ability to talk themselves out of a tight spot.

  d6  Personality Trait

  1. When I get nervous, I talk. A lot.
  2. I’ve always got my nose in a book or three.
  3. I speak in flowery language, especially when lying.
  4. When something important is happening, I tend to lecture or give emotionally charged speeches.
  5. I’m a pathological liar.
  6. I have a certain word or gesture that I use repeatedly.

  d6  Ideal

  1. Mercy. Everyone deserves second chances, even people who don’t appreciate them. (Good)
  2. Truth. I can never tell a lie. (Good)
  3. Wealth. Gold is my oldest friend, motivator, and confidant. (Neutral)
  4. Exactitude. Anything that isn’t correct or perfectly in order is a thorn in my side. (Lawful)
  5. Justice. Rules exist to protect people, and I don’t tolerate those who violate them. (Lawful)
  6. Influence. If I can pat the right backs, they’ll pat mine. (Any)

  d6  Bond

  1. I refused to give someone legal help, and now that person’s life is ruined.
  2. My closest friend began as my client. Now we’re inseparable.
  3. I got out of law after a particularly high-profile case.
  4. My area of expertise is always bringing people to my door.
  5. I’ve signed more forged documents than genuine ones in my career.
  6. A mysterious person is blackmailing me.

  d6  Flaw

  1. I’ll do or say anything to “win.”
  2. My cushy lifestyle is everything to me.
  3. I’m incapable of letting an argument go, especially when I’m correcting someone.
  4. My knowledge of the law is encyclopedic, but I have terrible people skills.
  5. I get very upset when people don’t treat me with respect and formality.
  6. I can and do make every conversation about me.