Magic Item: Deathcaller's Headdress

Heaven Slain  by  Lauren K Cannon

Heaven Slain by Lauren K Cannon

Deathcaller's Headdress

Holy symbol, very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster loyal to Baturach)

This simple headdress is fashioned with a leather cap, feathers, and animal bones, but the central piece, positioned at the brow, is a jawless human skull. The skull is bleached and painted in the wearer's blood with intricate primordial symbols. When touched by moonlight, the skull appears to have eyes that watch the people within sight. At the fall equinox, the skull blazes with heatless white fire from sunrise to sunrise.

The headdress is considered a holy symbol of Baturach. When you cast light through this holy symbol, you can choose whether the light is visible to you alone, or to others as well. When you cast animate dead through this holy symbol, the undead you raise glow with eerie white light and have resistance to radiant damage.

While wearing the headdress, you can continually converse with the person whose skull it bears as though you had cast speak with dead.